Certified Web Standards Developer?

June 1, 2005

Think about it.

Should there be a body that certifies web developers/designers on their knowledge of web standards? (A la Microsoft, Sun, etc.) I think that would be a great idea. A test of this sort would help the awareness of the public of the existense of web standards.

It would also give developers/designers some sort of incentive for improving their skills.

The only snag? Web standards itself is still in a precarious situation where there are still loopholes (quirks mode anyone?) in the standard.

But I think the whole certification thing is a good idea. Paging W3c…


3 Responses to “Certified Web Standards Developer?”

  1. Jolo Says:

    That will come a long way though…

  2. ayen Says:

    regnard, i’ve linked you up!

  3. jowch Says:

    I saw something like an HTML certification and that’s about as closest to a webs standards certification that I’ve seen.–>

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