IE7: It must be stopped!

August 3, 2005

IE7 has yet to see the light of day but it's already casting a big shadow on developers.

WindowsITPro has an article that apparently does not pull its punches. Some excerpts:

"Web developers are hamstrung into writing to it at the expense of established standards which work equally well"

"My advice here is simple: Boycott Internet Explorer. It is a cancer on the Web, and must be stopped…"

My take on this is this: IE7, whether we like it or not, is slated to inherit a good portion of the existing IE users. And this represents at least two-thirds of the total browser market. It would be unrealistic to expect its user-base to totally disregard the "standard" (Ugh! I cringe at that idea) browser.

However, it is my dream that the majority of browsers will NOT give me headaches in terms of rendering Web Standards-compliant sites. That is why I'd like to see Firefox as the de facto standard browser.


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