Thoughts on Tables, part 1

August 5, 2005

It was 1999. I just installed Netscape Navigator on my Pentium II computer and I have just been bitten by the interent bug. I immersed myself on the web almost everyday and night and I dreamt of having a personal site where I could post my thoughts.

Then I discovered a nifty little app called Netscape Composer as part of my Netscape installation. WYSIWYG rocks! Playing with the Composer was a joy, especially when I learned my layouts could be done with tables! I fondly rememer an animated Itchy & Scratchy image that showed them bonking each other that was part of my home page. I also remember the TD's and the TR's peppered on my code, embedding table after table and borders to boot!

Tables definitely freed a lot of designers from most of HTML's limitations and transformed graphic designers in to web designers, myself included.

(To be continued…)


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