Dreamweaver 8 features I’m looking forward to

August 9, 2005

Macromedia annouced the launch of its new Studio product suite and boy am I excited. What I am really keeping an eye on is Dreamweaver 8, the upcoming incarnation of my favorite web IDE.

I visted the features section of the Dreamweaver sub-site and I'm really impressed how much Macromedia has moved towards Web Standards based development since MX 2004. Yes, CSS has been implented since Dreamweaver 4, but the little things that are slated to appear on Dreamweaver 8 are really bringing the app to new heights.

Here's some key features I like (from the feature tour):

  1. Better CSS visualization: There are some nice widgets that would visualize the padding and margins on elements.
  2. Improved CSS coloring mechanism
  3. Display of nested CSS schemes
  4. More Accessibility test and reviews
  5. RSS integration! 😀

It has been well documented how Macromedia has worked with the Web Standards Project in improving the Web Standarsd capability of the Dreeamweaver product line. Dreamweaver 8 is definitely showing that the collaboration is bearing fruit.


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