Print Designers have it easy

August 23, 2005

I read somewhere that print designers have it easy, as compared to web/screen designers. I agree with that statement and the fundamental thing that gives gives web/screen designers fits is the screen itself.

Yes, browsers (actually, only a certain one) are a big issue for web standards and designers, but I even if you are not designing with web standards, you still need to consider the display. Here's are three reasons why it's harder more than ever for designers:

  1. Screens nowadays are no longer confined to the usual 4:3 screen ratio; 16:9 screens are increasing. It's hard to design liquid layouts to fit a huge gap.
  2. There are now monitors that swivel so the display is actually in portrait orientation (i.e. 3:4 ratio or 9:16). Now, thats a real bummer in adding design considerations
  3. Resolutions, the original web design baffler, now range from 800×600 pixels to 1280×1024 (or even greater). Plus, add to that the weird combinations in between. It used to be designing for 640×480, 800×600 then 1024×768.

Ah, print designer do have it easy.


One Response to “Print Designers have it easy”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    yes, in some respects print does have it easier but at least web designers can downsample files making it infinitely more accessible than print design.


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