Opera is now ad-free

September 21, 2005

Opera was mentioned in the last post and now they are making a bit of a splash– The Opera browser is now ad-free. What this means is that a good portion of the 99% of the total web users will have one reason less not to like the fastest browser out there.


Dreamweaver = Opera? Yes!

September 6, 2005

Here's a pretty interesting list of layout engines. I stumbled upon this list when I was researching if Dreamweaver Studio 8 was using Gecko or Trident, the engines for Firefox and IE respectively. I found out that it doesn't; DW8 apparently seems to be using Opera's engine, Presto.

This is very important, in my opinion. In Dreamweaver, it has a preview/WYSIWYG feature that emulates the browser and that means you are viewing your webpage in Opera, which is roughly around 1% of the browser market.