Sneak Peek: Future of web navigation?

December 10, 2005

I have this idea of being able to have a "sneak peek" of where links lead to. No, this isn't your Preview Firefox extension, nor the thumbnail images becoming popular these days. It's more of like flipping a page of a book, a more familiar metaphor in the real world.

In this feature that I'll conveniently call Sneak Peek, webpages where the links lead to will be viewable like a sliding door, controlled by a slider mechanisim in the same browser window. The original window can easily slide back when the user has taken a peek.

As opposed to the thumbnail images, it would be easier since the actual page is being viewed, no overhead for thumbnail creation.

This feature in browsers would be useful when doing intense research– where you have to go through loads of irrelevant pages. This gives web page preview a whole new dimension.


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